Fairytale Baby Cinderella Caring


As you know from the story, baby Cinderella always needs a fairy godmother to take care of her. Could you be the one today? She needs a bath, so put her in the tub and fill it with warm water. Then add some bath foam to make some fun bubbles and wash Cinderella’s hair with baby shampoo. Put her favorite toys into the tub to keep her company. Wash her body with shower gel, rinse her off and take her to the diaper changing station. Wipe her body with a soft towel, the throw her dirty old diaper in the trash. Apply some baby powder to prevent any irritation and put a fresh new diaper on her. Rub her body with baby oil to hydrate her skin well. Finally, blowdry her hair so she doesn’t catch a cold. Dress her up in a glamorous outfit and accessorize it, so she can attend a magical baby ball. Have an amazing time with this new game from Game Baby!


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