Baby Birthday Prep


Today is this adorable baby girl’s birthday, and of course it is your job to make sure she has an exciting party. Get her ready for her special day by giving her a bubble bath, but don’t forget to fill the tub with toys so she doesn’t get bored. Wash her body with baby wash and her hair with shampoo. Now that she is all fresh and clean, wipe her body with a soft fluffy towel and dry her hair with a blow dryer so she doesn’t catch a cold. Throw away her old diaper in the trash and apply baby powder to prevent irritations. Then put on her a new diaper and rub some baby oil on her skin to hydrate it. Now it’s time to dress her up for her birthday, so choose a cute top, a pretty skirt, socks, shoes, give her a girly hairdo that you can accessorize with a hat or a bow and accessorize her look with a pacifier or a rattler, but also birthday supplies like hats and balloons. Have a blast in this festive game from Game Baby!


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